You are going to love this fabulous egg

Mod Podge vintage egg tutorialJessica from Oh So Happy Together is absolutely amazing. I’d like to say that I have the patience to make something like this, but I really don’t know that I do. Which is a shame – because look how amazing the result is! And that’s just one of the eggs she created. Inspired by her grandmother’s Christmas eggs, she did these for spring. She uses many an ingredient, and of course she uses Mod Podge. Please view her tutorial with images here. I’m still in awe.


  1. jenjen says

    Hi Amy!

    Wow – that egg is fabulous!

    I love you blog! Thanks for coming over and saying hi!


  2. Mel M. M. McCarthy says

    SOoooooooh sweet. Love that egg scene. It’s so retro chic & absolutely adorable! :O)

  3. amybluestar says

    Thanks Jen and Mel! I hope you will keep following – I intend to have more awesome projects like this one in the future!

    I enjoy both of your blogs regularly.

  4. christina says

    Whoa, just found this and am so glad, ridiculously adorable! My eyes are dazzled. I must make something with glitter and miniature wildlife inside an egg now. Thanks for the link!