A giant dahlia table

Mod Podge table with a dahlia patternCheck out this amazing table crafted by Jessica L. at Juicy Bits!
Table from IKEA
Paint – not sure what Jessica used, but I recommend FolkArt
Cool fabrics
Mod Podge!

This looks complicated – but it turns out it wasn’t. I asked Jessica how she created the symmetrical dahlia pattern and this is what she said:

“First I made a pattern using a giant dahlia quilt pattern as an example. I cut out enough pieces for a little less the 1/2 of the flower to get an idea of how it would look. Then I used the pieces to make templates out of cardstock. And keep track of how many pieces I needed out of each one. Then I used the cardstock to trace on the back of each fabric. Of course you could use thick, clear template material instead. I used a thin Sharpie to trace it and when I cut them out I cut just inside the line.”

Try it! It’s easier than you think.